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Simon Hill HonFRPS
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS

President's News

RPS President Simon Hill HonFRPS
Terence Donovan 'Fighting Judo'
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Fighting Judo
The Big Man of "The Black Trinity"

Terence Donovan FRPS was the Big Man of the Black Trinity and a keen judoka.  He collaborated with Kashiwazaki on Fighting Judo.

Robert Frank's "The Americans"
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Words & Pictures
"The humanity of the moment"

Robert Frank's The Americans with an Introduction by Jack Kerouac is the iconic photo-documentary of post-war America.

PB SH 011 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Stigler's Law
"The efforts of the many"

Landscape and still life photographers owe a debt to French inventor, Jules Carpentier, and to Austrian army captain, Theodor Scheimpflug.

PB SH 010 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Anna Atkins (1799-1871)

Anna Atkins, the first woman photographer and the first photographer to use photography to illustrate a book.

PB SH 009 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Frank Forster Renwick HonFRPS (1877-1943)

Ilford Multigrade is a variable contrast black and white printing paper invented by F.F. Renwick HonFRPS, a Past President of the RPS.

PB SH 008 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
"Practical competence and achievement"

RPS distinctions are one of the most widely recognised and respected photography qualifications throughout the world.

PB SH 007 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
“What did the Greeks ever do for us?"

From Monty Python, via the Ancient Greeks and Soviet Russia, to the new RPS Strategy 2021-2026 "Photography for Everyone".

PB SH 006 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
“The greatest propaganda machine in history”

The control of modern government and the propagandist power of social media find a 'connection' to Hitler’s Third Reich.

PB SH 005 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
"... don’t take my Kodachrome away”

“Kodachrome is more than a film, it’s a pop culture icon,” said Todd Gustavson, curator at the George Eastman museum.

PB SH 004 1
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Without Fear
“Ma’am, what are you doing here?”

To coincide with International Women’s Day a celebration of the women journalists who covered the Vietnam war.

Photograph of Sutton Hoo by Mercie Lack ARPS
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Sutton Hoo
Mercie Lack ARPS and Barbara Wagstaff ARPS

A surprising connection between the Anglo-Saxons, two Associates of the RPS and the new Netflix feature film, The Dig.

Picture Post magazine and Leica IIIa
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
Picture Post
"Photographers are thoroughbreds"

A link between our President's home town of Harrogate, Picture Post magazine, and the Hulton Getty picture library.

A wide open field in the cold light of a winter’s day by Simon Hill HonFRPS
CREDIT: Simon Hill HonFRPS
To boldly go…
A new blogger on the block

Our new President, Simon Hill HonFRPS, shares his blogging ambitions in the first of this new series of President's News.